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When families face adversity, they typically pull together, with members offering each other support and advice. Situations come up in life in which that support and advice needs reinforcement from outside the family. Probate, estate planning, divorce, and bankruptcy all present legal problems often complicated with conflicting emotions.

An experienced attorney gives supportive counsel to help you through the trying times, as well as tenacious defense of your rights and interests in all legal matters. At the Law Offices of Duane P. Booth, we have been helping families and individuals in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley for nearly 30 years.

Family Law Office in the Inland Empire

Since 1994, our family-focused firm has offered a wide variety of services:

Probate Estate Planning Services

We provide advice and guidance to those wishing to plan for the distribution of property and assets at death. We are experienced in:

Family Family Law

Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Solutions

  • Chapter 7

The law firm of Duane P. Booth also has extensive experience in successfully handling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Every client that has filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with this law firm has received a bankruptcy discharge of debt. That’s a 100% success rate. We offer bankruptcy consultations over the phone as well as in person. Click below.

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Free Consultations Available: Divorce, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Family Law and others

Contact us to arrange a confidential discussion of any legal matter you are facing. We offer free consultations about bankruptcy and probate, and the first 20 minutes of your family law consultation are also free.

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What Clients are saying about us:

  • “Mr. Booth was very friendly and helpful! We thank you very much for your help!”
  • “Thank you and your staff for a job well done!”
  • “The staff was friendly and most confident. Mr. Booth and the staff lived up to my expectations and performed as professionals. Thank you and I would recommend you to others.”
  • “Duane Booth is an amazing attorney! His professionalism exceeded our expectations. He is honest and upright and did everything he said he would. I would highly recommend him.”
  • “In my difficult situation the staff were helpful and kind. I appreciate Mr. Booth’s straight forward approach and getting my case concluded in a timely manner.”
  • Mr. Booth has been our family lawyer for over 20 years. He has always been very patient, details oriented and courteous. We especially appreciated the fact that when pricing was discussed, and we explained to him that we were on a budget he gave us a discount! Thank you so much Mr. Booth for your understanding and kindness. We are your client for life!