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As loved ones grow older, their mental or physical conditions may make them vulnerable to the influences of untrustworthy people. To protect your loved one, you may consider establishing a conservatorship.

A conservatorship is an arrangement where someone is appointed to manage and protect the property of an incapacitated person, and to make personal decisions for that person. With the help of a trusted attorney, you can establish a conservatorship to safeguard your love one’s interests.

At the Law Offices of Duane P. Booth, you will find a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience handling conservatorships and guardianships in southern California. You will find a caring and knowledgeable staff ready to help you understand the process. As a conservator of the estate, you have a number of responsibilities, such as accounting for the money you spend. We help conservators manage their responsibilities and do right by their elderly loved ones.

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Probate: What Is It? How Can It Be Simplified?

Probate is a court proceeding occurring after a person passes away. An appointed representative of an estate is given authority to gather the assets of the decedent, pay the bills and distribute what remains to beneficiaries or heirs. A court must approve actions taken by that representative. Court proceedings typically take from six months to two years to complete.

Probate can be a very difficult process to complete on your own. San Bernardino probate attorney Duane P. Booth and our firm can handle all the probate paperwork for you, as well as negotiate settlements between disagreeing family members. We also have years of experience of extracting the true meanings and intentions from poorly worded wills and trusts.

How Much Will My Probate Case Cost?

Our goal is to complete the probate process efficiently and cost-effectively. Information about the attorney’s rates can be found here. Attorney Booth has handled many probates and has great familiarity with probate courts across Southern California. If a dispute arises, we are ready to handle contested probate issues as well.

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